Choose the RIGHT DJ for your event today

Choose the RIGHT DJ for your event today

Choose the RIGHT DJ for your event todayChoose the RIGHT DJ for your event todayChoose the RIGHT DJ for your event today

S.Key Discos are here for all your Mobile DJ needs.

About S.Key Discos

Who is DJ S.Key?

I wanted to bring something different to mobile Djing, something I found was lacking from other party Dj's....


I went to parties with my family and friends and found the mixes to be awful, the choice of music flopping a party right at the peak, I thought to myself why couldn't a club DJ be a mobile DJ too?

With this new idea in mind, I started doing some small parties, testing and honing my craft, bringing my passion and enthusiasm to each and

every party. I carry this passion and enthusiasm every time I do an event, 

Multi-Genre DJ

DJ S.Key - Multi Genre DJ, playing club classics, pop, rock, dance classics and all the classic party tunes

I can DJ to all kinds of music, be it Pop, rock, House, club classics, rave, hardcore, trance and the golden oldies.

Whatever you can think of, i probably have it, whatever theme your event is, i would love the chance to cater for it, if i don't have it, i will do!

I love all kinds of music and i love exploring new kinds of music for parties, feel free to challenge me!

What is the S.Key name all about?

DJ S.Key - Playing live in Ayia Napa, as a licensed Ayia Napa DJ - Get the most qualified DJ available for your special events

DJ S.Key is my club DJ name, it was given to me after accomplishing DJ training in Ayia Napa with The Castle Club.

I accidentally spilt my drink over a friends laptop and low and behold, the 'S' key on the keyboard was the only key that didn't work! That is how DJ S.Key came around and it is a name that has stuck with me.

Now that you know a little more about me, I'd love to get to know you

Our Aim is You

S.Key Discos - promises quality customer service with quick response times for handling the finer details to your event or party

Our aim has been and always will be...
Customer First!

You're always in control, our job is to ensure you are 100% satisfied with your event and choice of music.

We work hard to achieve this, dedicated, punctual and most of all hardworking.

Personalised Playlists

S.Key Discos - Bring/build your own playlists for me to play throughout the night, or let us come up with the music for you

Your are in complete control every step of the way.

Choose the music, the playlists, create everything just the way you want it.

Got a theme? even better! Let us create the playlist for you, with our years of Djing skill.

Keeping you Informed

S.Key Discos - We keep the conversation going when you book your wedding, kids/adult parties with us, making sure your always informed

Ever booked a DJ, then heard nothing UNTIL the night of your event?

Not with us! we like to keep you informed, contact us at any point, updates or amendments to the event? not a problem.

We also contact you straight away after you booked us and before the event, so we can help craft the perfect event just for you.


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